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Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









Flight Simulator FSX Addons: Flight Simulator X - Missions

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 Flight Simulator X: FSX Mission Flying The Airbus A320

Flight Simulator X - Missions
FSX Mission Flying The Airbus A320. Learn to fly the next generation aircraft A320 of Wilco/feelThere. A guiding copilot will be on your side, going through all procedures with you and giving all important hints during the flight, so that you are able to bring the jet straight into the air and in the end safely back to the ground. The mission based on the real flight of JetBlue Airlines 241 between Oakland International and Long Beach in Los Angeles. An additional tutorial-document is including, that shows you all gauges, switches and buttons you need for this mission and it shows you all indications of the flight management system appearing on the PFD and SD display, sorted by the different phases of the flight. Please notice, that this mission requires the commercial add-on of Airbus Volume 1 from Wilco/feelThere. By Carsten Wanzelius.

Posted by FS_Downloads on Friday, May 07 @ 15:12:27 EDT (5286 reads)
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 FSX Missions: FSX Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Flight Simulator X - Missions
FSX Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis. First you can perform a launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Your Shuttle, standing at the launch tower, is prepared for the lift off (ATLANTIS-1.ZIP from Bruce Fitzgerald required). You can watch the spectacle as commander through the window from the cockpit or as spotter from external view. After leaving the stratosphere you can release the boosters and the external tank. Now take control of the shuttle. The second flight is in the orbit in upside down position. Now the blue planet is above your head. Bring out the satellite. Flights from Erwin Welker.

Posted by fsdownload_com on Wednesday, December 23 @ 19:29:20 EST (14480 reads)
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 Flight Simulator X: FSX - Mission - Explore airfields

Flight Simulator X - Missions
FSX - Mission - Explore airfields Mission made for use with FS Addons payware scenery Tongass fjords X and aerosofts Twotter DHC 6. Fly out from Alaska Johnson, Petersburg and find four unlisted airstrips before you land safely at Telegraph Creek, BC Canada. Created with FSX mission editor by Patrik Soderberg

Posted by download on Friday, August 28 @ 01:37:38 EDT (4543 reads)
(Read More... | 4127 bytes more | Flight Simulator X | Score: 5)

 FSX Missions: Flight Simulator X - Missions Polar Express

Flight Simulator X - Missions
Flight Simulator X - Missions Polar Express Pick and transport VIP dignitaries in the Alaskan frontier. Mission compatible with all versions of FSX. Estimated 60 minute completion time.Wes Jones and Larry McPhee

Posted by fsdownload_com on Thursday, March 26 @ 07:53:10 EDT (9386 reads)
(Read More... | 2550 bytes more | FSX Missions | Score: 4.5)

 FSX Missions: FSX CoastGuard Rescue Mission, lost F-18 Pilot

Flight Simulator X - Missions
FSX CoastGuard Rescue Mission, lost F-18 Pilot fly from Half Moon Bay Airport and hook up with a Carrier to get re-fueled. My Third mission creation. Hope you find it fun and challenging. I Created 3 simple goals - 1.) Get re-fueled on the Carrier 2.) Find the Missing Pilot and Pick him up, pretty simple no hooks in this mission, just get under ten feet and the co-pilot will scoop him up with his long arms(LOL).edgolander

Posted by Downloads on Tuesday, January 01 @ 08:43:58 EST (21930 reads)
(Read More... | 3528 bytes more | FSX Missions | Score: 5)

 Flight Simulator X: FSX Mission have lunch on Catalina Island

Flight Simulator X - Missions

You and a friend have decided to have lunch on Catalina Island.You will start your flight from Van Nuys airport.Your friend is located in Santa Monica so you will need to fly to Santa Monica, pick him up, and then continue to Catalina. I'll be coming with you and will tell you where to go. We will also do some sightseeing over the Los Angeles area. Let's get started!!! GOAL 1: Pick up friend from Santa Monica GOAL 2: Land safely at Catalina airport Note: You must land ON the runway at each airport to complete the mission.

Posted by Tamer9N on Sunday, November 04 @ 23:33:41 EST (6389 reads)
(Read More... | 1083 bytes more | Flight Simulator X | Score: 5)

 FSX Missions: FSX Mission Alaska Oil Rig Rescue

Flight Simulator X - Missions
FSX Mission Alaska Oil Rig Rescue Fly your Bell JetRanger helicopter from Cape Lisburne to the Acme Oil Rig in the Chukchi Sea of northern Alaska. Pick up the injured oil rig worker and return him to Cape Lisburne for medical treatment. This mission features a full tabbed briefing with chart, kneeboard, extra scenery, theme music, a timed segment, and even a reward.Mike Lanza

Posted by Ne3Lix on Wednesday, August 01 @ 19:04:28 EDT (11397 reads)
(Read More... | 3222 bytes more | FSX Missions | Score: 4)

 FSX Missions: FSX Sim Copter Missions

Flight Simulator X - Missions
This is Level to of my FSX Sim Copter Missions. This Zip file is password protected and requires the password from Level 1.Read the Readme HTML document which provides installation instructions. This mission is rated Intermediate.David J Crandall

Posted by TamerN9 on Wednesday, July 25 @ 09:25:09 EDT (7576 reads)
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