FSX A6M2 Zero A1-101
Date: Sunday, August 19 @ 20:34:22 EDT
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Flight Simulator X - FSX A6M2 Zero A1-101. This is an updated version of J R Lucariny's A6M. The Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter, which began production in 1940. Its excellent maneuverability and exceptional range allowed it to outperform all other fighters that it encountered in the first years of World War II. But as the war drew longer the Zero lost its advantage. Tail Code A1-101. Textures by Mark Rooks.

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Author: Mark Rooks
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Version: FSX
Compatibility: Flight Simulator X
Filesize: 13.62 MB
Added on: Aug-19-2012


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FSX A6M2 Zero A1-101

A6M2 Zero Support a Mercy Flight near you

THERE IS NO 3D Cockpit

Below is a link to a landing I made at KLRO


you tube search KLRO Landing

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To install this aircraft:

As always back up any original files.

1.Unzip downloaded folders to your desktop or temporary directory of your choice.

2.Copy the " A6M2 Zero.zip " and paste it in the main aircraft folder.

By default the main aircraft folder is located at:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFSXSIM Objects /Aircraft .

3. Be sure to completely unzip all files the aircraft file when complete will Cotain 6 files the Following 6 files goes in the aircraft folder CFG Airfile Model Sound Panel Textures

THERE IS NO 3D Cockpit

Made Simpler

Make sure all files are unzipped the New Plane folder should contain 6 files unzipped they are CFG Airfile Sound Model Texture Panel the New Plane folder with the 6 files goes in the game aircraft folder found at
C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes follow the path ie open the c drive then open program files then open Microsoft Games then open Microsoft Flight Simulator X then open
SimObjects then open Airplanes folder the New Plane goes in that folder

Mark Rooks
Textures and FSX updates created by Mark "Fire Ball" Rooks.

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