FS2004/FSX Qantas Airways Airbus A380-841
Date: Wednesday, August 15 @ 16:13:20 EDT
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Flight Simulator X - FS2004/FSX Qantas Airways Airbus A380-841, registration VH-OQL. Repaint for the model from Project Airbus; model included. Features: dynamic wing flex with input from several new parameters including ground spoilers, fuel load, and angle of attack, control surface droop when the engines are off, independent parallel bogies when on the ground, custom tire rotation code, animated pack vents, idle-reverser animation, ground spoilers, smoothed gear and flap animations, customised nose wheel steering animation, accurate aileron LAF simulation, custom coded engine fan start-up and shutdown animations, windmilling engine fans (including fan inertia), improved antenna hiding method alpha no longer required, thereby avoiding the "fuse hole" issue in FSX SP2, animated window wipers, animated probe sensors, hard coded "double strobes" By Carlos Eduardo Salas.

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Author: Carlos Eduardo Salas.
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FS2004/FSX Qantas Airways Airbus A380-841


Project Airbus A380-800 for fs2004 and FSX

Qantas Airbus A380-841 Registration VH-OQL. Repaint for the Model for Project Airbus A380-800 Model Included.

---- EASY INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL IN YOUR FS2004--------------------------------

Just copy the folder <Project Airbus A380> to you main fs2004 aircraft folder.

thank you and please contact me if there are any issues about this repaint.

---------INSTALLATION ON YOUR FSX-----------------------------------------------

Extract the folder <Project Airbus A380 FSX> inside this directory: FSX > SimObjects > Airplanes folder
and Copy the Folder "Texture.QFA" in the Project Airbus A380 FSX folder.

The "Texture.QFA" is in the Aircraft for FS9.. (Project Airbus A380)

HAPPY FLIGHTS......... =)

Carlos Eduado Salas
Maturin, Venezuela

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