FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER
Date: Wednesday, August 15 @ 15:55:15 EDT
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FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER, registration HS-TKK, named "Phillavan" (cn41520/1030). This aircraft is made by Project Open Sky. Features: dynamic flexing wings, body gear steering under 15 kt above 1 kt, nose gear steering under 60 kt above 1 kt, rudder lock under 60 kt above 1 kt, ground spoiler only works on ground, low speed aileron locks at high speed fully animated control surfaces, fully independent suspension, trim animation, opening passenger doors, animated tilting bogies, rolling wheels, animated thrust reversers, semi-transparent fan textures, detailed textures, full night lighting, crash effects, ground service vehicles when cargo door open and more. By Carlos Eduardo Salas.

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Author: Carlos Eduardo Salas
Home: Visit
Downloads: 241
Version: FSX-FS2004
Compatibility: Flight Simulator X
Filesize: 28.00 MB
Added on: Aug-15-2012


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FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER


FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER


FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER

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