FS2004 Alitalia Boeing 777-243ER
Date: Friday, January 29 @ 02:49:43 EST
Topic: Airliners

FS2004 Alitalia Boeing 777-243ER, registrated I-DISU. New livery Dynamic flexing wings Body gear steering under 15kt above 1kt.Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt.Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt.Ground spoiler only works on ground.Low speed aileron locks at high speed.Fully animated control surfaces Fully independent suspension. Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Ivano Marongiu

FS2004 Alitalia Boeing 777-243ER



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Compatibility: FS2004
Filesize: 38.02 MB
Added on: Jan-29-2010


This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky...


Model builder:
Hiroshi Igami
Yosuke Ube
And with support of Posky members

Virtual Cockpit builder:
Jacob Kubique

FDE designer:
Brandon D Henry
Warren C. Daniel

Master Painter:
Yosuke Ube

ivano Marongiu, To Contact me my email is ivanomarongiu@alice.it

Aircraft advisory:
Corey Ford
Aaron Seymour

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