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· 1: Airbus A380 version 2 Lufthansa for FSX
· 2: Flight Simulator X McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier
· 3: FS2002 Downloads: 2004 - Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
· 4: FS2004 Downloads: AIS-AI CONCORDE
· 6: FS2004 Downloads: - Stealth B2 Spirit full package 3.0
· 7: Airbus A380, Lufthansa, for FSX, Demoversion
· 8: Fs2002/2004 F-14 VF-101
· 9: FS2004 Downloads: Lockheed C-130 Hercules USAF
· 10: FS2004 Downloads: 2002 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III


iPhone 5 features

Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 Downloads New: Video, DC-3, Kai Tak Checkerboard Approach

Freeware Downloads
Video, DC-3, Kai Tak Checkerboard Approach. Many YouTube FS videos show the final phase of Kai Tak's challenging checkerboard approach. But none feature the DC-3 or show the entire approach. This video fills that gap. The Readme file includes a flightplan for those who wish to fly the approach. FSX  Scenery by Jim Vile, DC-3 Cathay Pacific textures by Mark Beaumont. More credits in the Readme file. By Charles Wood.

Posted by Downloads on Wednesday, July 23 @ 06:49:16 EDT (8839 reads)
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 Downloads New: FSX, FS9 BOEING 707 300/400 PASSENGER

Flight Simulator FSX Downloads
FSX, FS9 BOEING 707 300/400 PASSENGER AND CARGO.(DIFFERENT FILE FROM THE LAST "B707X").Includes two new model files (Passenger and Cargo), modeled in GMAX. VC, Passenger's views, two new reworked textures for each one (BARE METAL / PANAM), new opening cargo doors and aircraft.cfg, fixed contact points for engine's smoke effects, flexing wings; future textures will be named as "B707C___". For FS9 GAUGES NOT INCLUDED: you have to download MR. HELIO ESTRELA'S wonderful panel: "he707v1" and its fix "panel_109110". For FSX uses default AB74-400 PANEL. Other files suggested: "" and "" by Nick Needham, for lights and smoke effects. NO FIXES NEEDED. By Libardo Guzman.

Posted by Downloads on Thursday, February 07 @ 22:00:20 EST (22211 reads)
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 Downloads New: TweakFS Zip

FSX Misc
TweakFS Zip is derived from the TweakFS Explorer Zip utility and has been released as freeware in a stand-alone format. It is a useful tool for unpacking Zip files downloaded from FS file libraries without the need for an existing 3rd-party Zip application, but the big handy feature is that it has a tree display of the Zip folder structure giving you a clear view of how the files will unpack and into which location. This folder layout display is also be useful for developers creating Zips to distribute their own work and aids in checking that no files are missing from the archive. It is "FSX aware" and can automatically detect the FSX folder location. Due to this feature it has several handy folder location presets making it quick and easy to install aircraft, scenery and other add-ons which come in Zip files that include folder path information.If a Zip downloaded from one of the FS libraries has a particular folder structure which the author has included and is required so all files go into their correct locations.

Posted by Downloads on Friday, December 14 @ 10:04:31 EST (5519 reads)
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 Downloads New: Captain Sim - the C-130 expansion for FSX

FSX Military jet aircrafts

Captain Sim is pleased to announce the C-130 expansion for FSX: the most advanced, complete and accurate representation of the famous C-130 'Hercules' aircraft ever available for any game platform. For details please visit:

Posted by Downloads on Monday, September 24 @ 04:48:13 EDT (10834 reads)
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 Downloads New: FS 2002 Aircraft Lockheed P-38 lightning

Freeware Downloads
FS 2002 Aircraft Lockheed P-38 lightning Original by Microsoft The aircraft has all moving parts, opening canopy. The panel has an autopilot has smoke system and DVC sounds not included.Includes 2 liverys for the aircraft one in the USAAF and on Metal.By Peeters Johan

Posted by Downloads on Saturday, September 22 @ 03:39:09 EDT (5375 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator Downloads: FS2004 The Northrop F-20 Tigershark

FS2004 Military Aircraft
FS2004 DSB Freeware - NORTHROP F-20 The Northrop F-20 Tigershark is a Mach 2 class single-seat light fighter designed for export sales in the 1980's. The F-20 combined propulsion, electronics and armament technologies with improvements in reliability to sustain high sortie rates in adverse weather providing a fighter
on par with the F-16A. By DSB Design. Repacked by Keith Moore

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 12:30:14 EDT (5464 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight simulator 2004: FS2004 Aerolineas Argentinas A340-300

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
Aerodesign?s Airbus A340-300 de Aerolineas Argentinas for FS2002/4. Model by Ben Alfoldi. Special FX Eugene Shneyder.Updated .air file: Eugene Shneyder. Original paint by Nicolás Rada.Repainted with Aerolineas Argentinas colours by Alfredo José Gelmini.

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 12:17:51 EDT (10941 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator x: FSX Helijet Beech King Air 350

Flight Simulator FSX Aircraft Downloads
FSX Beech King Air 350 repaint by Jim Boynton - Default FSX airplane Helijet ambulance repaint. C-FHJO is an actual aircraft.Jim Boynton

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 12:08:01 EDT (5016 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator Downloads: FS2004 Panel Airbus A320

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
Flight Simulator: FS2004 Panel, This is a panel with three wing views and one engine view for the great IFDG airbus A320. Author: Joshua Burkhard

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 11:58:42 EDT (6492 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator: FS2004 Panel for B747-400

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
Flight Simulator: FS2004 Panel, This is a panel for the project opensky boeing 747-400. it contains six various wing views (3rigth and 3left). Author: Joshua Burkhard

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 11:47:21 EDT (5111 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator X: FSX Piasecki H-21C Flying Banana

Flight Simulator FSX Aircraft Downloads
FSX Piasecki H-21C "Flying Banana". A major upgrade from the FS9 version. New features include a virtual cockpit, custom gauges, checklist procedures from pre-flight to shutdown, new flight dynamics and audio, greatly increased detail, and more. The H-21C, also known as the Shawnee, Workhorse, and Flying Banana, was built by the Piasecki Helicopter Corporation beginning in the early Fifties. A predecessor to modern tandem rotor helicopters like the Boeing CH-46 and CH-47, the H-21C was used mainly by the US Air Force and Army, the West German Air Force, the French Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Everyone who worked with it either loved it or hated it; there was no in between. By all accounts it was very noisy and prone to excessive vibrations (one passenger described the experience as “like living inside a bass reflex stereo cabinet”). It’s also been described as ungainly in appearance (by those who can’t appreciate its clunky beauty!). But many pilots considered it a joy to fly. And with its easy-to-read instrument layout and unobstructed view of the outside world, it makes the perfect candidate for a Flight Simulator aircraft. Climb inside the new virtual cockpit and enjoy the view!Also includes new variations and paint schemes, including the float-equipped Vertol V-44. By Mick Posch.

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 11:38:56 EDT (7050 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight Simulator Downloads: FS2004 CYUL Montreal/Trudeau Airport.

FS2004 Scenery
The Almirante Zar NAS is the operational base of the 6th Naval Air Square of the Argentine Army. This one includes the Exploration Naval Air Squadron (EA6E), composed by Lockheed P-3B Orion aircraft, and the Maritime Patrol Naval Air Squadron (EA6V), composed by Beechcraft King Air B-200 M/M Plus aircraft. Therefore, the airport of Trelew city represents the key of patrol and exploration of the Argentine Sea, as well as an entrance door to multiple destinies of the Argentine Patagonia.Ramon Sola.

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 11:21:00 EDT (4002 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight simulator 2004: FS2004 CYUL Montreal/Trudeau Airport

FS2004 Scenery
This is my first scenery for FS2004, created with EZ-Scenery. It was mostly done for my own personal use but with the lack of up to date scenery for CYUL I figured I might as well release it publicly. For this scenery to work you will need to download many EZ-Scenery/RWY12 libraries. I have included a complete list as well as download links for each file. The main terminal building was modified to look more like the real thing, the International and Transborder jetties were added and the Aeroquay was cut in half. The control tower was modified and a second one was added to the top of the terminal building. Gates were positioned and numbered according to their location at the time of the design. All gates have mostly accurate parking codes. Many structures were added such as parking lots, the multi-level parking garage and extra hangars. I also added some vehicles like baggage carriers, fuel trucks, de-icing trucks and the likes.Erik Theberge

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 11:11:12 EDT (4528 reads)
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 Downloads New: Flight simulator 2004: FS2004 AI Aardvark B738 AI traffic

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
Air Europa Boeing 737-800 with Winglets EC-ISE "Mallorca Clasics Pula Golf"; utilizing the AI Aardvark B738 AI traffic model.Enjoy! Manuel Querencias
Madrid, Spain

Posted by Tamern9 on Thursday, June 21 @ 10:59:53 EDT (4335 reads)
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 Downloads New: FS2004 P-51D Mustang "Miss Velma".

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
FS2004 P-51D Mustang "Miss Velma"  This is a repaint only for the WOP P-51D and WWII Fighters P-51D. This aircraft was recently completed by Fighter Rebuilders at Chino, CA, and is owned by The Fighter Collection, Duxford. This aircraft is joining Glacier Girl in the Chino-Duxford journey currently being undertaken. The original "Miss Velma" was piloted by Cpt. Frank Birtciel of the 343rd FS/55th FG. Currently residing in Arizona, a few days ago Mr. Birtciel and his wife Velma drove all the way to Chino to get a first hand look as the airplane was painted in his markings, rolled out, and flown...later Mr. Birtciel was given a ride in the back seat by John Hinton. At the time I write this "Miss Velma" is in Middlesboro Kentucky and will be making the journey to Duxford in just days. Once in England the aircraft will be permanently based at Duxford with The Fighter Collection.Repaints by John Terrell

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 12:31:47 EDT (7019 reads)
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 Downloads New: FS2004/FSX Varig Boeing 747-200, registration PP-VNA

Flight Simulator FSX Aircraft Downloads
FS2004/FSX Varig Boeing 747-200, registration PP-VNA. Features body gear steering, animated tilting bogies, low speed aileron locks at high speed, opening pax doors and all cargo doors (combi), animated thrust reversers, night lighting, ground service vehicles when cargo door open Model by Hiroshi Igami, FDE by Warren Daniel, master textures by Corey Ford/YoSuKe Ube. By Luiz Antonio Perina.

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 12:18:25 EDT (8423 reads)
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 Downloads New: FS2004 Panel: Project Open Sky 737

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
This is a freeware panel with six wing views for the project openskys boeing 737-800 series you can use it with the winglet or with the nonwinglet model.

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 12:10:23 EDT (4648 reads)
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 Downloads New: FSX - Piper PA28R 2D panel

Flight Simulator FSX Downloads
FSX - Piper PA28R 2D panel. Another panel for this aircraft - particularly for the Arrow built by Hauke Keitel (see With gauges made by him but some new XML gauges were added.3D panel by H. Keitel stays unchanged.

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 11:42:56 EDT (3677 reads)
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 Downloads New: FSX MCR - 01 Ultralight Demo Version.

Flight Simulator FSX Downloads
MCR - 01 Ultralight, Germany, FSX, Demoversion, The MCR Ultralight is a side by side two-seater airplane with incredible performance and capability. Fast and agile, the VLA was specially designed to reach top speed while providing the most enjoyable experience to pilots The MCR Sportster is a very high performance aircraft, that can cruise as fast as 300 km/h with only a 100 hp engine, at very low cost.Thanks to the highest level of technology available, and very light material, the Sportster has a very efficient direct control system that guarantees the same satisfaction as flying a fighter jet.The MCR Sportster can be equipped with a choice of different power plants, but may also be fitted with other options such as :Ballistic Recovery System parachute Extended range wing tanks. Toe operated Hydraulic brakes The MCR Sportster is available in kit form in respect with the CNSK regulation (specific kit airworthiness certificate) or in the "experimental" category depending on the registration country.( Previewversion ) Panel, GAUGES, model, sound and textures by - Author: A.Meyer.

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 11:33:23 EDT (5103 reads)
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 Downloads New: FSX Scenery Lord Howe Island

Flight Simulator FSX Downloads
This is a complete replacement for the default Lord Howe Island in Flight Simulator X. This file provides the following:-- Accurate coastlines, beaches, roads etc. - Accurate placement of settlements, golf course, etc.- Terrain mesh based on SRTM 90m data - Updated Lord Howe Island airport (YLHI) - GMax model of the Balls Pyramid rock outcrop - Updated landclass and waterclass - Boat traffic in the waters around the island Note that I could not find detailed photos of the airport buildings so I used default FSX objects to represent these buildings. If I can find (or if someone can provide) detailed photos of these buildings I would consider modeling them in GMax for a future release.

Posted by Tamern9 on Tuesday, June 19 @ 11:21:44 EDT (5745 reads)
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