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· 1: Airbus A380 version 2 Lufthansa for FSX
· 2: Flight Simulator X McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier
· 3: FS2002 Downloads: 2004 - Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
· 4: FS2004 Downloads: AIS-AI CONCORDE
· 6: FS2004 Downloads: - Stealth B2 Spirit full package 3.0
· 7: Airbus A380, Lufthansa, for FSX, Demoversion
· 8: Fs2002/2004 F-14 VF-101
· 9: FS2004 Downloads: Lockheed C-130 Hercules USAF
· 10: FS2004 Downloads: 2002 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III


iPhone 5 features

Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 FSX Helicopter: FSX Petroleum Helicopters Bell 206b

FSX Helicopter

FSX Petroleum Helicopters Bell 206b Inc. Bell 206 JetRanger. Repaint by Jeff Dugan. Aircraft by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations, which is payware and required for this texture set to work. Textures only! Jeff Dugan, Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations

Posted by FS_Downloads on Tuesday, December 20 @ 03:38:18 EST (1240 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX Bell 206B JetRanger III

FSX Helicopter

FSX Bell 206B JetRanger III. Owen Hewitts Bell 206, originally released for FS2004, has been one of the most popular helicopter add-ons ever released. Now, you can fly this famous add-on in FSX. The FSX native conversion of Owens 206 includes 18 different model configurations, reflective glass and liveries, new rotor blur style, bump and spec maps, and much more. DirectX 10 compatible. By Brandon Filer, George A. Arana.

Posted by FS_Downloads on Monday, December 12 @ 10:28:12 EST (1032 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX UH-60 BlackHawk

FSX Helicopter

FSX UH-60 BlackHawk Troop Transport/Standard/Auxillary Fuel tanks Package modify to FSX. Textures US Army and Desert Sand. I also include better sounds and hover gauge so you can hover at any height and make landing easier by reducing hover altitude. VC Panel modify to FSX by Danny Garnie

Posted by FS_Downloads on Sunday, December 11 @ 03:28:28 EST (1454 reads)
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FSX Helicopter

FSX/FS2004 MI-24V ALGERIAN AIR FORCE HADDAD ANIS Deadly looking, and just as lethal, the Mil MI-24 series of Helicopter Gunships are perfect Cold War images of the Soviet concept of a Flying APC Armed with AT Missles, Rockets and Cannon, and capable of transporting 8 Troops in its cabin. Caused much concern in the West, where there was no counterpart, and given the NATO code-name Hind

Posted by FS_Downloads on Tuesday, December 06 @ 10:09:13 EST (1155 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX CH-47 Chinook FULL PACKAGE

FSX Helicopter
FSX CH-47 Chinook FULL PACKAGE Boeing CH-47 Chinook in RAF and UN textures. Full animation (include cocpit-doors, top and bottom passenger door, ramp), VC, panel. Autor -Vladimir Zhyhulskiy.

Posted by FS_Downloads on Saturday, January 01 @ 19:56:31 EST (6477 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: Microsoft Game Studios


Microsoft Game Studios Not Planning Xbox HD Remakes - ITProPortal
Microsoft s Spencer: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Promising, Not Really Accessible Yet - Gamasutra
Microsoft Game Studios not that interested in HD remakes

Posted by FS_Downloads on Wednesday, October 27 @ 21:27:40 EDT (1830 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FS2004 / FSX Dassault Mirage III B with new VC full package

FSX Military jet aircrafts
FS2004 / FSX Dassault Mirage III B Last Flight with new VC, full package with 2 liveries and 4 aircraft, by Patrice Grange This IS NOT A SIMPLE REPAINT of my former Mirage IIIB. This is a completely reworked model with a lot of new features and animations: fully reworked textures, different canopy positions, ejection process, wheel blocks and ground animations, enhanced virtual cockpit with new gauges and animated lights, etc. The Mirage III is the emblematic French Fighter of the sixties. This new package contains 2 different Mirage III B (two seat trainer) special last flight version in 3 different configurations and standard silver scheme. This package is complete and stand-alone. The models have full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, dragchute, rocket cover, pilot ladders, guns, wheel blocks, etc.)  a new complete virtual cockpit  a custom 2D panel. Fully compatible with both FS2004 and FSX (SP2). Designed by Patrice Grange

Posted by FS_Downloads on Monday, October 18 @ 13:24:42 EDT (3601 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX/FS2004 Sikorsky H-3/S-61R sea king

FSX Helicopter
FSX/FS2004 Sikorsky H-3/S-61R sea king After the experience aquired in building (under licence) the ''Sikorsky H-3/S-61R sea king'', Agusta started the production of this more versatile '' Agusta HH-3F Pelican'' for Italian Air Force as replacements of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross used for S.A.R. (Search and Rescue). The 5 bladed Agusta HH-3F helicopters perform S.A.R. missions on land and sea in peace time and C/SAR (Combat SAR) during military assignments. Here is modeled the Long-range search and rescue helicopter ''Agusta HH-3F Pelican'' based in Pratica di Mare AB. This model features reflective skin, VC, full animations plus floating capability. I used 8 gauges made by I. D'Attomo, the remainder are default gauges. Textures come from photos shot by the author and the cockpit background is made from scratches.

Posted by FS_Downloads on Sunday, January 24 @ 01:38:28 EST (8694 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX/FS2004 USN/USMC CH-46 Sea Knight

Freeware Downloads
FSX/FS2004 USN/USMC CH-46 Sea Knight Boeing/Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter for CFS2 with USN and USMC textures, ready for Special Ops. Rory Kelly's FS2004 GMAX CH-46 Sea Knight modified for CFS2 with original USN textures; USMC textures by Jarvis Chang. Damage Profile by DSM, with Demolition Divers and Sling Load by Jim Jacobson. HiVis Combat Panel (modified from Michael Vader's CH-53 bitmap) with HUD display, matching DVC panel. Modifications & package by Don McComb

Posted by fs_Download on Wednesday, October 07 @ 04:41:51 EDT (14879 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX Helicopter Hughes 269C

FSX Helicopter
FSX Helicopter Hughes 269C. FEATURES: - fully Native FSX - forgiving and stable yet nimble flight dynamics  - Animated pilot , pedals , sticks and doors - multiple paints with a repainters master texture included - Dynamic VC Bruce Fitzgerald

Posted by fsdownload_com on Friday, February 20 @ 02:09:10 EST (6775 reads)
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 FSX Helicopter: FSX Helicopter Bo 105 - ''South Africa Police'' - ZS-HNW bo105_south_africa_poli

FSX Helicopter

Repaint for the Nemeth Designs BO-105 Payware model for FSX. You can find it here: repaint is made using the paint kit provided in the original download. These textures are released as Freeware. Copyright: Dirk H├╝schelrath

Posted by fsdownload_com on Tuesday, January 20 @ 08:15:38 EST (7082 reads)
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