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Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 FS2004 Aircraft: FS2002/FS2004 A-90 Orlenok ekranoplan

FS2004 Aircraft
FS2002/FS2004 A-90 Orlenok ekranoplan. During the Cold War stories of strange Russian craft that skimmed the waves at incredibly high speed began to circulate. Ekranoplans had long been kept secret by the Communist design bureau. WIGE (Wing in Ground Effect) craft are relatively unheard of. Freeware from AlphaSim.

Admin Note: Freeware FSX, FS2004, FS2002, Downloads, flight simulator x downloads,fsx aircraft, Historic - Vintage Aircraft.



Flight Simulator FS2004 Aircrafts / FS2004 Downloads Civil Aircraft
Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004
Filesize: 6.00 MB
Added on: Feb-16-2008
INSTALLATION GUIDE - A-90 Orlenok for FS2002 and FS2004

Extract all the files into your FS02 / FS04 root folder. The necessary sub-folders will be created automatically.

Panel info -

shift-2 - autopilot and nav instrumentation
shift-3 - activates the GPS
shift-4 - throttle. Brings up a throttle which can be mouse-operated.

Other info -

shift-e opens and closes the nose section.
Loading ramps - these use the Concorde visor keypress. This keypress is not normally assigned in the FS2002/FS2004 default setup. To assign it you need to go to the Controller Assignments section under 'Settings'. The model Zipfile inlcudes a useful EXAMPLE SCREENSHOT which shows the screen you need. We recommend assigning the C and V keys for open and close respectively, although there are others you can use if you prefer.

VC lighting - due to an oversight early in the model-building phase, we are unable to incorporate v-c lighting when in v-c mode, although externally-visible cockpit lighting is included. Apologies for this.


The flight dynamics for the A-90 are the result of taking great liberties with the simulation, some compromises were of course required, but the overall feel is quite authentic. Please though, don't expect perfection and total realism with this one, it's very finely balanced and trying to get too 'real' in one area will upset other areas to the point that the aircraft becomes unflyable. Please note also, the flaps have little effect on the flight model and are for visual purposes only.

Starting off

You can start on land and 'drive' down to the water if you like, don't forget to RETRACT the undercarriage once you have entered the water. An easier method is to start at a water 'airport' such as Seattle Seaplanes, although you will still appear with the gear down and this must be retracted.


The A-90 has three engines, the main engine (No.1) is the turboprop on the tail and this is used to provide forward thrust, especially when cruising. The other two engines (the turbojets in the nose) are the LIFT engines and are in real life used to provide the extra downwards push needed to get the A-90 up onto the 'step', ie. to get it airborne a few metres over the surface. In the sim these engines merely contribute to the overall forward thrust and should therefore be throttled back once airborne - failing to do so will result in an excessive top speed and a tendency for the aircraft to adopt a NOSE-DOWN attitude. If you are nose-down in level flight, you are going TOO FAST (although the effect is hardly noticable in FS2002). The optimum cruising speed is around 160kts or 300kmh on the ASI. Use the radar altimeter (top left of the panel) to read your height above the water - try to stay in the GREEN zone.


Turning the A-90 is tricky, as in real life. Although the nose can be pulled round on the rudder, we don't recommend that in the sim as the 'bounce back' when you release can upset things quite drastically. It is better to apply a little aileron bank. This will initially cause some drop-off in altitude so be ready to apply a little back stick, this also has the added benefit of increasing the rate of turn. Don't be tempted to try a tight turn by banking excessively, this will cause the outrigger to make contact with the water and the resulting cartwheel will be quite entertaining ! If you have incurred a little sideslip, perhaps by using the rudder, this has the tendency to 'stick' and the A-90 will seem to feel lopsided, trying to bank all the time. You can correct this by briefly banking in the opposite direction and applying a little rudder in the same direction.


Approach the coast head-on at full cruising speed. Cut the throttles to idle when about half a mile out from the beach and let the speed drop to less than 100kts before descending into the water. In FS2002, the water drag in considerable and the braking effect is just right, in FS9 though the sim does not seem to model water drag in the same way, so more distance will be needed for the slowing down stage. Approach the beach at about 25kts and cut to idle as you near the sand. Lower the GEAR. Use the pop-up throttle panel (shift-4) to control engine 1 (the contra-prop on the tail) to provide you with enough thrust to get up onto the land. You can use all three engines if you like, but the additional power may propel you far too fast onto dry land and you will overshoot the beach. Just using the main engine gives you better control. Taxy to your 'berth', apply the parking brake and shut down. You can then use shift-e to open the nose and Concorde visor to extend the loading ramps.


These files are freeware. Please amend/distribute as you see fit.

They are unsupported, so please do not e-mail us if you have problems.

Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site.

All rights reserved - AlphaSim 2008

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