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 Flight Simulator: FS2002/FS2004 Fiat/Aeritalia G91R/3

Flight Simulator FS2004 Downloads
FS2002/FS2004 Fiat/Aeritalia G91R/3 Gina G91 is developed to be suitable for the demand that NOTO submitted to the aviation field of Europe, and a light combat/close air support jet. Production by the license was done in West Germany and Portugal except a large amount of being produced in Italy. G91R/3 is an airframe that production by the license was chiefly done in West Germany and Portugal. Two kinds of painting texture (Camouflage paint of West Germany air force and Full Tiger paint of Portuguese air force) and Panel are included in this file. by Kazunori Ito.

Flight Simulator FS2004 Aircrafts / FS2004 Downloads Military Aircraft
Compatibility: FS2004-FS2002
Filesize: 1.90 MB
Added on: Dec-07-2007

Fiat/Aeritalia G91R/3 Gina

by Kazunori Ito

Tiger! Tiger!! Tiger!!!

I saw certain one photograph.
It was an aircraft of a tiger stripes pattern of a very gay color.
It was G91R3 of a Portuguese air force that had made it this time.
I have thought that it is the gayest one in the decoration pattern that I saw up to now.
It is necessary to make this absolutely.........................
The result is..........................
Still, Terrible!!.

The combat jet Fiat G.91 R.3 is a single seat all metal, transonic ground attack aircraft with swept wings and empennage. Equipped with a turbo jet engine ORPHEUS 803 D-11 with 5000 pounds of thrust. For pilot safety a Martin Baker Mk Gw. 4 ejection seat was installed. The very rugged landing gear was manufactured by Messier in France and allows operation from semi-prepared airfields. 3 Vinten F/95 Mk. 3 cameras could be installed in the nose of the aircraft for reconnaissance photos on three different levels.
The weapon compartment left and right in the front of the fuselage contained 30mm D.E.F.A. cannon with 1.500 rounds/min. To protect the pilot and equipment steel amour was installed. The G.91 R.3 is a further development of the Fiat G.91 R1/B and sported besides a stronger main spar, a general beef-up of the entire fuselage and empennage. Tubeless tires and better brakes are some of the improvements. The R.3 variant had improved navigational equipment with Doppler radar and PHI.
All together 344 R.3 were manufactured, Messerschmitt, Heinkel and Dornier built 270 and the Klockner-Humbolt-Deutz KG in Cologne built the engine.


[ Specification ]

Length 10.34m (33ft 9.25in)
Width 8.56m (28ft 1in)
Height 3.99m (13ft 1.25in)
Wing Area 176.64sq ft

Empty Weight 6865 lb
Max. Take Off Weight 12125 lb

Engine Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 803 D-11, 5000lb

Speed 675 mph at 5000 ft, max. level flight
Service ceiling 42.978ft
Operational Radius 200 miles, standard fuel
Ferry Range 1000 miles
Roll Rate 420 degree/sec
Max. Restriction + 5g -3g with external tanks and weapons
Max. Restriction +7g - 7g clean wings
Turn Radius 1.8 miles at 400 kt and 45 degree bank
Take Off Distance 2800 - 4500 ft over 45 ft obstacle
Landing Distance 1200 ft minimum with Drag shute
Landing Distance 3600 ft minimum normal with Drag shute

[ About the installation ]

The airframe must copy the G91R Gina folder as it is in the Aircraft folder of FS2002 or FS2004.

---------G91R Gina

Please copy all files in the gauges folder onto the gauge in the Gauges folder of FS2002 or FS2004.
A general gauge is saved for the gauge bundled this time.
Kingair, Beach_baron, EXTRA-300 gauges are necessary besides the bundled gauge.
It is necessary to introduce no possession of these gauges separately.

[ About the operations ]

A special key operation is not used for this model.

/ = AirBrake
SHIFT+E = Canopy Open-Shut

[ About free software ]

All aircraft that I made are free software.
The reprint and the repaint may go freely.
However, please defend the following conditions.

1.The change in contents of this file is prohibited.
(Please distribute it like the Zip file of the current state when distributing it. )
2.Please neither reverse-assembly nor never remodel it of the aircraft model.
3.Please open only the texture to the public when you open the repaint to the public.
(Opening in the state to bundle my aircraft model to the public is prohibited. )
4.It is prohibited to bundle and to open a new panel to the public to my aircraft model.
(Please open only the panel to the public.
It is included in this file, and remodeling the panel that uses the panel background and the change in the panel background are prohibited. )
5.I maintain the copyright of the aircraft model and the panel background.
6.The copyright of the gauge belongs to the author.

[ About the directions point in FS2004 ]

This aircraft can be basically used also with FS2004 because it is made with FSDS Ver. 2.24 .
However, the aerofoil tip might not be able to enter in the screen in the spot taking a picture view because of very wide the width of the aircraft.
Please switch to the spot taking a picture view with other aircraft when this state happens seeming this as it is because the magnification switch of the spot taking a picture doesn't operate well.
Afterwards, if this aircraft is chosen by selecting the aircraft, it is sure to be displayed by a normal magnification.

Please give mail to the following mail address when there is a recommendation of making the opinion and the thing that doesn't come.


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