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Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 FS2004 Scenery: FS2004 Alsek River ''Rudy's Strip'' for Glacier Bay v2

FS2004 Scenery
FS2004 Alsek River "Rudy's Strip" for Glacier Bay v2 Alsek River Dry Bay Area Rudy’s Strip Yakatut, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, USA ICAO identifier: Unlisted Version 1.0 for Holger Sandmann & Team’s Glacier Bay v2 and FS2004 only.

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Flight Simulator FS2004 scenery / FS2004 Downloads Civil scenery
Compatibility: FS2004
Filesize: 5.40 MB
Added on: Sep-20-2007

Please note that the following information is also included in the manual, AR7_Readme.pdf.

For questions and feedback please visit the Glacier Bay v2 support forum at

Alsek River Dry Bay Area Rudy’s Strip
Yakatut, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, USA
ICAO identifier: Unlisted
Version 1.0 for Holger Sandmann & Team’s Glacier Bay v2 and FS2004 only.

- Alsek River unlisted grass strip #7 add-on scenery for Glacier Bay v2 by Holger Sandmann & Team;
- Summer and winter scenery. Easy configurable with batch installers;
- three preconfigured flights situations;
- Sound effects for owners of Lago’s FS Enhancer.

Installing this scenery involves four easy steps:
1. Unzip and run GlBay_AR7.exe. Make sure that the installer uses your main FS9 folder.
2. Start FS2004, open the Settings > Scenery Library menu and look for the “Alsek River Rudy's Strip” entry. Make sure that “Alsek River Rudy's Strip" is above (lower priority number) the "Alaska Glacier Bay landscape" and "Alaska Glacier Bay scenery" entries. Shut down FS2004 and start again.

NB The installer will place a program group called “Alsek River Dry Bay Area Rudy's Strip FS2004” in your Start menu.

The scenery has been made with conventional macro's (api's) and Flight1 Instant Scenery (IS). IS makes extensive use of object libraries. Some of the object libraries are provided with the Glacier Bay v2 and are already installed on your system. However in the Alsek River Rudy's Strip” scenery some objects are from other object libraries. All these object libraries provide the objects you'll see in this scenery. The scenery will not display unless you have all these object libraries installed on your system.

NB: Often object libraries are "shared" by several scenery add-on’s made by other authors. YOU DON’T NEED TO REINSTALL AN OBJECT LIBRARY THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE ON YOUR SYSTEM, AND DOING SO MAY CAUSE PROBLEMS.

The first library you should download and install, if you have not done so before, is provided by Abacus, the makers of EZ-Scenery. This library is self installing. Download it here:

Now secondly download and install, if you have not done so before, any of the following object libraries:

Object library Author GianP GianP Sidney Schwartz Sidney Schwartz Steve Ziegler, Lars Hoyer Steve Ziegler, Lars Hoyer Ron Jeffers Ron Jeffers Ron Jeffers Kobbe Farwick Steve Ziegler Len Hickman
Woody's Glen Fout Glen Fout Glen Fout Ed Truthan
(Hyperlinks are provided AR7_Readme.pdf)

Thirdly there’s a folder called “Extra” (by default C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon SceneryAlsek River Rudy's StripExtra) which contains one small custom object library made by Kobbe Farwick. Install this the same way as the object libraries above.

NB: Follow the installation instructions that come with the object libraries. However more convenient would be to create a folder called “Object Library” in your “Addon Scenery” folder and install in it all your object libraries. After that add the “Object Library” folder to your scenery library like any other addon scenery. Make sure to give it a low priority e.g. next after “Addon Scenery” in the scenery library.

4. Read the paragraph on Summer and winter scenery below and set your preferences.
You're now ready to enjoy Rudy’s Strip. Choose from one of the preconfigured flights (Select A Flight > Glacier Bay...) or create a flight from “Alsek River Rudy's Strip” and/or AR7.

The installer will add two extra entries in your Start menu. One shortcut to “Addon sceneryAlsek River Rudy's StripSeasonsinstall - summerscenery.bat” and one shortcut which points to “Addon sceneryAlsek River Rudy's StripSeasonsinstall - winterscenery.bat”
These little batch programs will install summer scenery and remove winter scenery and vice versa. When should you run the batch programs? A rule of thumb could be that whenever you (de)install the ‘frozen lake’ textures of Glacier Bay v2, also remember to run the appropriate batch program. Make sure that you restart FS2004 after each run of a batch program.

Custom sounds are provided for owners of Lago’s FS Enhancer. All necessary files are installed in the appropriate folders (ie by default C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight SimulatorLAGOCommonSounds. If you don’t have FS Enhancer installed just delete these folders and the files contained in it.

In the above mentioned “Extra” folder you’ll also find a file named “AR7 - Approaching Alsek River Rudy's Strip.frc”. This file is a flight recorded with FS Recorder and corresponds to the preconfigured flight “AR7 - Approaching Alsek River Rudy's Strip” in which you’ll find yourself in one of the default Cessna’s 172 approaching the short cross strip 15-33 with a stiff 16 knot SE crosswind.
In order to properly play the file, choose the flight “AR7 - Approaching Alsek River Rudy's Strip” and when the sim has loaded, load the .frc file with FS Recorder.
You can play the .frc file back similar to the FS instant replay and flight video recorder, but with a lot more features. FS Recorder does NOT record video files (like .avi), it records data like aircraft position, speed, etc., so the recordings can only be played inside FS. This allows watching your (or in this case mine) actions in flight from different views. More info on FS Recorder:

Rudy’s Strip add-on scenery has been specially created for Glacier Bay v2 by Holger Sandmann & Team. I’ve tested it with and without the FSGENESIS 38M TERRAIN mesh and found no anomalies.

Holger Sandmann & Team: Glacier Bay v2 libraries
Abacus: EZ-Scenery Library
Flight1: Instant Scenery
Arno Gerretsen: Object Placer
Tom Fica: Macro's
Alsek Air: Information (
U.S.D.A./ Forest Service: Information (
Glacier Bay NP: Information (
Google Earth: Satellite images of Alsek River Dry Bay Area
Any other author who might think their work is used here.
The Beta Tester(s): Thank you for the help in testing the scenery
And of course all the authors mentioned above, who made these wonderful library objects for us to realize FS immersion!

This is Freeware, it may not be sold or packaged and resold in any way. The author assumes no responsibility to any damage to your computer by using the software contained in this zip file. In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please do not upload this scenery to any website without my consent.

Rob “Holland&Holland” de Vries

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