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 FS2004 Scenery: FS2004 AI Package: RNZAF AI Package 2 - Ohakea

FS2004 Scenery
FS2004 AI Package: RNZAF AI Package 2 - Ohakea Mike MacIntyre started the whole train of thought with his excellent Otis AFB package.This features USAF Thunderbirds doing show routines, complete with smoke, flyby's and crossovers.With Mike's permission, I drew heavily on his files to do something similar, and perhaps add a bit, at Ohakea. Much appreciated.I also got a bit of help over at the PAI Forums, a goldmine of AI information and great expertise.Deane Baunton stripped out bits of his FS2000 Ohakea airbase scenery to fit better with FS9. This is the included scenery. Thanks Deane.Aircraft courtesy of Mike Cronin (CT4), and HTAI Models.Morphed into RNZAF colours with the artful brush of Steve Jenks, master painter.Callsigns by Keagan Garkeuken Packaged by Charl du Toit

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Flight Simulator FS2004 scenery / FS2004 Downloads Military scenery
Compatibility: FS2004
Filesize: 37.73 MB
Added on: Aug-25-2007

To use the included flights, you will need to download and install:
- Mobile Control Tower ( at
- Kirk Olsson's F-16 ( at


1.Unzip to a temporary folder.
2.Copy and paste folders to your Flight Simulator folder.
3.If you don’t have EditVoicepack freeware installed, download and install it from Run EditVoicepack and import all vcpmod files from the “Callsigns” folder included here. See included READ THIS.doc if you need more help.

Charl du Toit
August 2007

This package focusses on Air Force activity around Ohakea Air Force base, situated in the central North Island of New Zealand.
It requires a little imagination, suspension of beief, and "What if??"
Some of it could be seen as airshow practice runs, complete with smoke.
I am not aware that this level of AI activity (e.g. 6-ship crossovers) has been done before in Flight Simulator, and probably with good reason.
There will be a considerable computing load when everything is up in the air, or getting there.
If it is all too much, try setting the traffic sliders progressively downward - this will lose pairs of aircraft until hopefully the thing runs smoothly.
The CT4's in particular are hard on frame rates, and we may have to use an alternative model, depending on feedback.

Flight Simulator was never designed with the kind of timing accuracy required for an exercise like this: split-seconds are required to ensure high-speed aircraft meet at the right place for crossing manoeuvres, for example (amplified when sequential patterns are flown).
To give a better chance of seeing the action the way it was designed, I've created a series of flights which reset the sim's time and weather to an appropriate point, prior to the start of the choreography. Sometimes a bit of patience is needed, while the sim settles down to place the AI. I've generally used a spotter vehicle with a suitable radar, so you get a feel of where the AI is. Switching to spot view and successively using will get you to various AI aircraft in the scenario.

NOTE on flying along with AI: you affect the AI in strange ways when you fly with them. This can be an interesting (or sometimes a bad) thing. Something to avoid, however, is to join an AI plane on the downwind leg - the AI will give you landing preference, and just keep on going, until you turn to base. This will probably mess up the timing of the whole scenario.
One other point: for the preset takeoff flights, DO NOT tune in ATC as it will wreck the timing. ("...Kiwi 34, hold short, caution the Orion on the taxiway, Kiwi 34 continue taxi, Kiwi 35 hold short yadayadada...")

Here are the flights, in the suggested order of viewing:

Early morning: Using the Ohakea Wheels vehicle, drive around the apron to familiarise yourself with the layout, and meet most of the fleet before they depart on their daily missions.
NZOH RNZAF F-16 Weapons Training.FLT
A sixpack single-seater flight departs for a little weapons training over the Tasman, via NZWP. Loadouts include agm65, jdam, and mk84. Who ever said F-16's were just air superiority fighters? They return late afternoon and can be seen in:
NZOH RNZAF F-16 Weapons Training Return.FLT
Of course they will now be clean aircraft, having scored maximum points in the A-G competitons!
The 2-seaters depart for a navigation run to NZWP. They are not nearly as disciplined as the single-seaters, being transition pilots. Hopefully they get away before the Orion runs them over. Some are carrying long-range tanks to get the feel of a heavy aircraft. 46 seems to have a systems failure every third takeoff...
Mid-morning: using the Iroquois, chase the departing pairs of CT4's out over Rwy 15. It's relatively easy as the little trainers are not that fast.
Mid-day: Using the Ohakea Wheels vehicle, see the display F-16's depart in pairs for their holding points, alternately, to the east and west. Four Iroquois will take off for circuits while the jets are starting up. I sometimes change to a Viper and chase the eastbound jets, as they barrel out at only 100ft!
From the Ohakea Wheels vehicle, see all three RNZAF heavies: P-3,757, C130 at Ohakea

This is the one that never plays out the same, twice in a row. Seen from the Mobile tower, two sets of 4-ship F-16s fly in from east and west. They cross at or near NZOH with 100ft vertical separation. Place side bets as to whether they cross before, over, or after the runway.

THE CHOREOGRAPHY (a FlightSim first I reckon)
From the west, formation 6 flypast Alpha Flight:
NZ1989, 1990, 1991, 1996, 1985, 1986
From the east, formation 4+2 flypast Red Checkers Flight
4-Ship: NZ1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Bravo Flight
2-Ship: NZ1987, 1988 Charlie Flight

Alpha and Bravo cross over NZOH, Charlie breaks prior for TNG NZOH Rwy 15

Bravo turns for skew low-level cross on Rwy 15, directly over NZ1988 on the runway.
This repeats 3 times, splitting Charlie TNG runs.
Bravo and Charlie return to east.

From the Iroquois spotter plane, chase down the approaching CT4 pairs.

I hope you enjoy this package, if you'd like to discuss things or make comments, feel free to join our forums at

Charl du Toit
Auckland NZ
August 2007.

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