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 FS2004: FS2002/FS2004 Scaled Composites ARES

FS2004 Military Aircraft
FS2002/FS2004 Scaled Composites "ARES".This is the Scaled Composites Model 151 "ARES" (Agile Responsive Effective Support) designed as a "Mud fighter" ground support aircraft in response to the US Army's request for a Low Cost Battlefield Attack Aircraft (LCBAA). It is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbojet engine. The original design was a pusher turboprop and evolved into the current design when Scaled Composites decided to build N151SC as a demonstrator. The ARES first flew on February 19, 1990 and is still available for use as a research tested.Two kinds of models(Proto Type and Virtual U.S.ARMY Paint with Weapon) are Kazunori Ito.

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Flight Simulator FS2004 Aircrafts / FS2004 Downloads Military Aircraft
Compatibility: FS2004
Filesize: 2.41 MB
Added on: Aug-20-2007

Scaled Composites Model151 "ARES"

by Kazunori Ito

1.Description of this aircraft
3.About the installation
4.About the operations
5.About free software
6.About the directions point in FS2004 and FSX

This is the Scaled Composites Model 151 "ARES" (Agile Responsive Effective Support) designed as a "Mud fighter" ground support aircraft in response to the US Army's request for a Low Cost Battlefield Attack Aircraft (LCBAA).
It is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbojet engine.
The original design was a pusher turboprop and evolved into the current design when Scaled Composites decided to build N151SC as a demonstrator.
The ARES first flew on February 19, 1990 and is still available for use as a research testbed.


The ARES, Scaled Model 151, was designed initially in response to a U.S. Army request for a Low Cost Battlefield Attack Aircraft (LCBAA). A design study was performed by Rutan Aircraft Factory in 1981 for such an aircraft. The original LCBAA design was for a pusher turboprop aircraft, of generally the same aerodynamic configuration you see here. It also was designed around a 30mm chain gun. Its mission goals were low-altitude, close air support, with long endurance, and with adequate field performance to operate from roads. Its structure and systems were simple enough to be maintained and repaired in the field.

Scaled followed up with the concept, and ultimately decided to build a demonstrator aircraft with internal funds. By the time construction started in 1986, the design had evolved to the current configuration: a single Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D-5 turbofan engine (same as in the Beechjet / T-1A Jayhawk), and a GAU-12/U 25mm gatling gun.

The ARES first flew on February 19, 1990, with Scaled test pilot Doug Shane at the controls. Since that first flight, the ARES has flown more than 250 hours, and demonstrated all of its design performance and handling qualities goals, including departure-free handling at full aft stick. During November of 1991, under a contract from the U.S. Air Force, initial ground and flight (air-air and air-ground) tests of the GAU-12/U gun system installed in ARES were performed, with outstanding results.

Movie buffs may also remember the ARES villainously portraying the secret ME-263 jet in the screen classic Iron Eagle III.

Since its initial development, ARES has been utilized for development of some unique, proprietary systems, and is currently available for use as a research testbed. Please call or email if you should desire further information regarding this unique aircraft.


The Scaled Composites ARES is a demonstrator aircraft built by the company Scaled Composites. ARES is an acronym for Agile Responsive Effective Support.

In 1981 the United States Army requested that a study be undertaken for a LCBAA or low cost battlefield attack aircraft, and Burt Rutan decided to join this study, and also to design an aircraft to meet the requirements. The original layout suggested by this study was that of a low wing, cantilever configuration, aircraft powered by a pusher turboprop, and also suggested the aircraft be built around a 30 mm chain gun.

After the study Burt Rutan went back to Scaled Composites and started tossing around the idea of producing such an aircraft. In 1985 he began taking these ideas to the drawing board, and decided to produce a demonstrator aircraft, which was built in 1986. By this time the aircraft had changed significantly: it had kept the low wing cantilever configuration, but now had a single Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 turbofan engine rather than the originally proposed turboprop, a GAU-12/U 25 mm rotary barreled cannon (similar to the 30 mm gun made famous by the A-10 Warthog) mounted on the aircraft right side under the cockpit. This configuration meant that due to the gasses produced by the gun, the aircraft could not have an engine intake on the right side, which led to the curious and possibly dangerous single intake mounted on the aircraft left side rather than underneath.

This aircraft became known as the ARES, and first flew on February 19, 1990, piloted by Scaled Composites test pilot Doug Shane. Since then it has flown more than 250 hours, and met all of its original design specifications for performance and range. In 1991 under US Air Force contract, the ARES' 25 mm cannon was installed and put through its paces; during the test the cannon performed extremely well.

The ARES has since drawn a lot of attention from the U.S. Navy and Air Force, but it remains a private project. After an appearance in the movie Aces: Iron Eagle III as an Me 263 fighter, the aircraft has become a research test bed available to any one wishing to pay to test new technologies with it. Meanwhile, the aircraft remains in storage at the Mojave Spaceport

2. [ Specification ]

Width : 10,67 m (35ft)
Length : 8,97 m (29.43ft)
Hight : 3,0 m (9.84ft)
Wing Area : 17,49 m2

Weight : 1308 kg (2877lb)
Max Weight : 2767 kg (6087lb)

Max Speed : 763 km/h (473mph)

Power prant: 1 x Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D-5 mit 13,14 kN Schub

Armer: 1 x 25 mm canon, Bomb or other

Crew : 1

3. [ About the installation ]

The airframe must copy the ARES folder as it is in the Aircraft folder of FS2002 or FS2004.


Please copy all files in the gauges folder onto the gauge in the Gauges folder of FS2002 or FS2004.
A general gauge is saved for the gauge bundled this time.
The Gauges of KingAir and GPS are not bundled.
Please setup it by yourself.

4. [ About the operations ]

Shift+"E" = Canopy Open/Shut
"/" = Air Brake Open/Shut

A special key operation is not used for this model.

5. [ About free software ]

All aircraft that I made are free software.
The reprint and the repaint may go freely.
However, please defend the following conditions.

1.The change in contents of this file is prohibited.
(Please distribute it like the Zip file of the current state when distributing it. )
2.Please neither reverse-assembly nor never remodel(convert) it of the aircraft model.
3.Please don't bundle my airframe(MDL file) in the package of your works when you open the repaint to the public.
(Please open only the texture to the public. )
4.Don't use DXT format for making texture.
Please make it by the format that everyone can change.
It is necessary to be able to read and change with usual drawing software.
5.It is prohibited to bundle and to open a new panel to the public to my aircraft model.
(Please open only the panel to the public.
It is included in this file, and remodeling the panel that uses the panel background and the change in the panel background are prohibited. )
6.I maintain the copyright of the aircraft model and the panel background.
7.The copyright of the gauge belongs to the author.

6. [ About the directions point in FS2004 and FSX]

This aircraft model is made by using FSDS Ver2.24.
Therefore, it is possible to play basically in FS2004(FS9) and FSX(FS10).
In FS2004.
For a wide large-scale aircraft, the distortion is caused and the phenomenon of the aerofoil tip's disappearing happens in the spot shooting mode.
If this phenomenon happens, Please switch to the spot shooting mode by using other small aircraft.
Afterwards, if this aircraft is selected, it is normally displayed.

Because gauges do not correspond to FSX, the gauges in the cockpit are not displayed.
Please you looks for a suitable gauges and setup Panel.cfg by yourself.

Please give mail to the following mail address when there is a recommendation of making the opinion and the thing that doesn't come.

Fukuoka, Japan

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