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 Flight Simulator: FS2004 B-17 Flying Fortress

FS2004 Military Aircraft
The B-17 Flying Fortress is a very stable and forgiving aircraft which can absorb enormous amounts of battle damage and still make it home. It is truly a pilot's aircraft and is a pleasure to fly. It can be trimmed to fly hands-off for any normal flight regime and, while slow to maneuver, is quite responsive to the controls for such a large craft. While aerobatics are prohibited officially, there are many documented cases of B-17s being put into spins, rolls, stalls, and other acrobatics by instructors and pilots who flew the type. Pilots who flew all of the major American bombers of WWII -- the B-17, B-24, and B29 -- state almost universally that the B-17 was a joy to fly as compared to the other types. The B-17G differed from the B-17F principally in that it was fitted with a nose turret with twin .50 caliber machine guns and was slightly heavier due to this and other additional equipment. Otherwise the two types were similar. Alan 'Chock' Bradbury

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Flight Simulator FS2004 Aircrafts / FS2004 Downloads Military Aircraft
Compatibility: Flight Simulator FS2004
Filesize: 5.27 MB
Added on: Jul-07-2007

A bit about the aircraft depicted in this repaint:

Once in'a While was a Boeing B-17G assigned to the 349th Bomber Squadron of the 100th Bomb Group, stationed at Thorpe Abbotts in England during World War Two. Some 100bg records list her as being named Boomerang, but Once in'a While was the name on her nose.

She was built as one of a batch of aircraft at the Boeing plant in Seattle (many other B-17s were built at satellite factories by Lockheed and Vega). Thus, Once in'a While was a genuine 'Boeing' B-17G.

The aircraft was so named because it often failed to pass regular maintenance inspections, which endeared her to the crew. Nevertheless, Once in'a While was certainly no 'Hangar Queen', as she passed enough checks to manage well over forty bombing missions.

However, eventually her luck ran out when she was hit by flak on a raid to Saarbrucken on November 9, 1944, finally crashing near the town of Perle in Belgium. All the crew managed to bail out of her on that occasion, but sadly her pilot, 2nd Lt Lewis C. Williams, hit the vertical stabiliser during his egress from the aircraft and was killed. Two other members of her crew were also injured whilst bailing out of the crashing aircraft.

Please remember the sacrifices the crews of the B-17s made when you take this simulated version up for a flight.

To install this repaint:

If you are familiar with installing repaints, you can just go ahead and do what you normally do, but if you are unfamiliar with the process, below you'll find step-by-step installation instructions, don't worry, it's just a case of copying and pasting stuff in the right places.

Installation is simple, but first, copy your 'WoP_b17g' folder and paste it somewhere safe, that way if you cock up somewhere, you can start again without wanting to find me and kill me for messing up your lovely B-17G. Typically you'll find that 'WoP_b17g' folder here:

'C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesWoP2_b17g'.

Note that on your computer, it may be on a drive other than 'C' if you didn't install FSX in the default location.

Put the contents of this repaint folder into your 'WoP2_b17g' folder. (i.e copy and paste the folder named 'texture.paint2' and the thumnail image 'Boeing B-17G Paint2' into your B-17 main folder).

Next you have to add something to the B-17G's configuration file in order to get FSX to recognise this repaint. This is very easy to do with a simple text program such as Notepad. To do this:

Open the text file which came with this repaint which is named 'Add this text to your aircraft CFG file', then copy all of the text in that file (highlight it all and press Control+C), then open your 'Aircraft' CFG file in the 'WoP_b17g' folder. Place your cursor somewhere in that text in a nice clear spot and paste the text you just copied into that config file (press Control+V). Be careful not to overwrite anything already in that file. I recommend pasting the new bit of text near the top of the CFG file, just after the other two bits of it for the default paint jobs is the most sensible spot. Close and save the Aircraft.CFG file. If you make a mistake and accidentally mess your config file up in the process, don't panic, simply close it without saving it, then open it up again and try again!

That's it, you're done, but you'll most likely have to restart FSX in order for it to recognise you have a new aeroplane installed.

Legal crap:

The Shockwave Wings of Power2 B-17G is payware, which means that you can only use this repaint if you have purchased that B-17G model from them, if you haven't done that, you can buy it here:

And you really should buy it, as like the real B-17G, it is indeed very cool and groovy.

Also note that if you haven't bought the WoP2, these files are completely useless to you. Nevertheless, as useless as they might be, they are still the property of Shockwave, and covered by their copyright. Shockwave is good enough to allow people to produce repaints based on their work, but please do not abuse their good nature by using these files unless you have coughed up the cash for their original product. Piracy is not funny and ultimately you will only end up hurting yourself if you try and hack software and use things you haven't paid for. And in addition to that, I will not be very happy if you use my repaint on a hokey copy of Shockwave's fine work.

If you've followed the instructions on how to install this repaint, you should have no problems whatsoever with these files, they are completely virues free (and yes, I did scan them to check that). But if you do have problems, that aint my fault, you install it at your own risk (don't want to worry you, but I have to put that in a legal bit of text).

Anyway, enjoy.

Alan 'Chock' Bradbury -2007


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