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Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 Downloads New: FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Panel, Update

Free FSX-FS2004 Downloads
FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Panel, Update This latest update to my last upload ( consists of new panel bitmaps, a new panel.cfg file, all of the required gauge files and is meant to completely replace all of the previous files.Bill Alexander


Category: Flight Simulator FS2004 Panels / FS2004 Civil Panels
Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004
Filesize: 1.20 MB

This latest update to my last upload ( consists of new panel bitmaps, a new panel.cfg file, all of the required gauge files and is meant to completely replace all of the previous files.


Important! This panel is of use primarily to registered users of Tony Dambrosio's shareware ($19.00) TOP AVIONICS realCRT gauges and the ND navigation database, which is used by the ND's navigation display.
If you wish to use this panel without them, you may subtitute the realCRT gaugues with any of the many freeware FD and ND gauges available, though the functioning of the EFIS and switches will be impaired.

Note: Users of the previous version of this panel please note that, in addition to completely new panel bitmaps, I have deleted/moved/replaced/added several other gauges as well and you should add all of the enclosed files.

I have included below the original "readme" file from Bill Alexander, the original author of the panel's earlier FS9 update, which I have modified, and changed the wording of his installation instructions somewhat as needed.
I thought this to be the best way to make sure that the original credits of this panel's development history remain intact. I wish to add my thanks to all of those whose work I built upon.

Note: This panel has been fully tested only with my installed "MD-8x" sim from SGA (which, by the way, requires that one assign a key to the "Tailhook" command in fs9, usually "SHIFT+T", in order to be able to use the wingtip landing lights - see their "readme" file)
Results obtained with this panel may vary somewhat when used with different simulations.

Thank you,

George Colacicco



The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series Control Panel for FS2004 (fs9).

Version #1 April, 2006 modified for FS2004 by Bill Alexander(with Jim Waters help) with kind permission from Tom Dennis ( released in April 2003).

Firstly, my sisncere thank you to Tom Dennis of our own AVSIM for his permission to make this file available as freeware for fs9 use. Thank you Tom. Your paint of this Eric Ernst original(for which you recieved his blessings) is beautiful. All the credit for the paint, shadow effects, crackle effect belong to Tom Dennis: or

This is my FIRST attempt at making a DECENT MD80/90 panel, which is a remake of an FS 98 through FS 2002 panel, now useable in fs9 (fs2004). Some new features have been added and some gauges have been changed. Features are Rob Barendregt Taxi Speed and Pushback gauges (version 1). A complete repaint of the main panel by Tom Dennis. FS2004 SIMICONS all moved logically by Jim Waters, and Chuck Dome's (public domain) mini GPS, which was part of the fs98 through fs2002 versions. I left it there because it gives you a quick view of the direction/range to your destination ONLY after loading an fs9 flight plan using its GPS planning mode. If you haven't loaded an fs9 GPS flight plan, this gauge will not show any information until you do load a GPS plan!! If you are already in flight without a plan and want to see this gauge functioning, you may load a GPS flight plan in flight with OR without using the "move aircraft to departure point" feature of fs9.


1. Unzip each folder in sequence in a temporary directory and copy and paste unzipped folder contents from there.
2. Place all of the individual panel files in the "panel" folder of an aircraft of your choice. (You may wish to first backup your existing panel.cfg and all of its attendant files).
3. Place all individual gauge files in the "Gauges" folder. (See important item below)
4. Important! Separate 'MD-80' and 'rcb-gauges' folders are incuded. Copy and paste both FOLDERS into your fs9 "Gauges" folder (So that both of these folders remain separate sub-folders within the main fs9 gauges folder).

That's it, enjoy!

Additional INFO:

I have included all three of Rob Barendregt files with his permission. They are already in the gauge folder that is produced when you unzip the file. However, his zip files contain his copywrite info as well as user instructions. Any questions regarding the useage of the taxi speed and/or the pushback gauge should be emailed to him. Unfortunately I offer no support on those gauges. On a personal note I feel that the instructions for the useage are quite easy and it is a great addition to 3rd party panels.


I saw a need for a decent looking/performing MD80 panel for fs9 (fs2004) after searching for months. This panel was only one of a very few that looked and performed well in FS98 to FS2002, where I originally used it. With that in mind, I would like to thank the original designer of this FS98 Panel, Eric Ernst whom gave permission to Tom Dennis (above) as part of a group effort under Tom Dennis, Fleet Director of Evergreen International VAC (Virtual Aircraft Company). I only updated the panel for FS2004 with Tom's kind permission. Thank you Tom. Many thanks to Rob Barendregt for his excellent Taxi Speed and Pushback gauges, and to Dai Griffiths of Dragon Flight Design for the YG-7500 Radar Altimeter. A Word document is included for this radar altimeter.

I would also like to thank Jim Waters for his help in this project - basically in tutoring me in panel/gauges coordinate mapping and moving the fs2004 SIMICONS to a more logical area of the panel. He also has an excellent MD80 panel you can download from avsim called: It is only one of very few MD80 panels for fs9 (fs2004) that looks and performs well. Personally, I now use both Jim's and this one on all my MD80 through MD90 aircraft.

This file was originally tested on a 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4 Processor with 512 RAM and a Sound Blaster Live Sound Card and have experienced no problems what-so-ever with this file on that PC. I have since upgraded my PC to a 3.4 Ghz Hyper-Threading P4 Processor with 1 Gb of DDR400 RAM and upgraded my Video Card from an Nvidia GeForce 64 Mb to an Nvidia 6600GT 256Mb DDR3 card in preparation for the soon to be released Microsoft FSX. All files I create are used by myself weeks before uploading to the internet to avoid making any patches or updates. However, if an update or patch is warranted it will follow shortly after initial release. These files are a USE at YOUR OWN RISK release.


These files are strickly FREEWARE and under no circumstances can they be used to make money or profit in anyway from their sale. They are not to be included on any Flight Sim Add-on without explicit permission from the authors. Any control panels created by myself were most likely made using FREEWARE Gauges with permission from their authors. Any repaints were made using exsisting textures and/or paint schemes as reference to the released repaint. There are many contributers to our Great Hobby please respect their copywrite issues as well if they are somehow releated or referenced back to this file. For your convienience a General Product Licence is included with this package.


Can be sent to my email address:
Bill Alexander: <--- new email address!

Thanks again to Jim Waters:

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FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Panel, Update

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