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Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 FlightSimulator2004: FS2004 AI Traffic For Airbus A380

FS2004 AI Aircraft
FS2004 AI Traffic For Airbus A380. Compilation of flight plans and aircraft ready to install to bring the Airbus A380 to your sim-world skies. Included are all A380 flights by airlines currently operating the aircraft (as of 20 October 2011). Airlines included: Air France, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore. Easy to install and remove, and does not interfere with existing installations. This file contains updates that fix problems previously experienced with textures. By Morne Visser.

FS2004 AI Traffic For Airbus A380

FS2004 Flightplans & AI / FS2004 AI-Aircraft
Version: FS2004
Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004
Filesize: 8.55 MB
Added on: Oct-27-2011

File Description:
Ive been downloading new updates from AI-producing groups, and have yet to see an A380 in my sky. So I decided to compile my own flight plans, with just the extra A380 flights flown by airlines that currently operate A380 (as of 20 October 2011). A380s include those of:
- Air France
- China Southern
- Emirates
- Korean air
- Lufthansa
- Qantas
- Singapore

Ive used AI aircraft, repaints, and some flight plans downloaded from Full acknowledgement is given below.

files are easy to install, and easy to remove for when more up-to-date flight plans become available. Ive created a separate traffic file for each airline, so it is possible to pick and choose airlines that you want to install. To install everything, copy and past the following folders into the **MAIN FS2004 folder**
- Aircraft
- Scenery
You will be prompted to merge a few folders, select yes. This does NOT replace anything default, simply adds the aircraft folder and traffic files to their correct position.

Run FS2004 to allow scenery to be updated, and have fun seeing your new large frineds in the sky ;)

Aircraft Base package:
FS2004 Airbus A380 For AI Traffic
Size: 581,628
Date: 03-15-2007
Description: FS2004 Airbus A380 For AI Traffic. An Airbus A380 for AI Traffic; 8 LODs model. By Mehlin Rainer

Air France Livery:
FS2004 Air France Airbus A380
Size: 736,798
Date: 10-26-2009
Description: FS2004 Air France Airbus A380. F-HPJA is the first A380 for Air France and the first A380 to operate revenue services from a European home base, with an inaugural flight planned for November 20th, 2009. Textures only, in both 32 bits and DXT3 formats. You need the Rainer Mehlin A380 base package available separately (AI_A380.ZIP).
Repaint by Philippe Tabatchnik on a paint kit by Holger Bachert.

China Southern Livery:
FS2004 China Southern Airlines Airbus A380
Size: 273,197
Date: 06-03-2007
Description: FS2004 China Southern Airlines Airbus A380, utilizing Mehlin Rainers A380 AI model and Hogler Bacherts paint kit. Textures only; requires AI_A380.ZIP.
Repaint by Mike Pearson.

Emirates Livery:
FS2004 Emirates Airbus A380-800
Size: 282,222
Date: 09-09-2008
Description: FS2004 Emirates Airbus A380-800. Textures only; requires AI_380.ZIP.
Repaint by Federico Permutti. Original model by Mehlin Rainer. Paint kit by Holger Bachert.

Korean Air Livery:
FS2004 Korean Air Airbus A380
Size: 898,083
Date: 06-11-2011
Description: FS2004 Korean Air Airbus A380. Latest operator of the A380, Korean just launched scheduled services with the giant Airbus. Textures only in 32 bits and dxt3 (mipped and non-mipped) formats. You need the Rainer Mehlin A380 base package available separately.
Repaint by Juergen Baumbusch for AIG Spray.

Lufthansa Livery:
FS2004 Lufthansa Airbus A380-800
Size: 1,453,415
Date: 05-21-2010
Description: FS2004 Lufthansa Airbus A380-800. Repaint of the Rainer Mehlin A380 in Lufthansa color scheme. Base files package (AI_A380.ZIP) required. This is an AI aircraft only.
By Juergen Baumbusch.

Qantas Livery:
FS2004 Qantas Airbus A380
Size: 5,193,207
Date: 11-09-2008
Description: FS2004 Qantas Airbus A380 plus flight plans. Original model by Rainer Mehlin (AI_380.ZIP). Paint kit by Holger Bachert.
By Lawrence Nichols.

Singapore Livery:
FS2004 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800
Size: 654,265
Date: 09-27-2008
Description: FS2004 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800. Textures only for the AI Airbus A380 model by Rainer Mehlin (AI_380.ZIP). Paint kit by Holger Bachert.
Repaint by Federico Permutti.

Emirates Flightplans:
FS2004 Emirates Summer 2011 Flight Plans (only used plans invovling A380)
Size: 19,420
Date: 04-05-2011
Description: FS2004 Emirates Summer 2011 Flight Plans. This is Emirates summer 2011 scheduled flight plans based on June 2011. Includes the new service to Geneva and Copenhagen and more connections to other Cities and new A380 flights.
By Daniel Haeberle.

Lufthansa Flightplans:
FS2004 Lufthansa Summer 2011 Long-Haul Fleet
Size: 10,814
Date: 05-31-2011
Description: FS2004 Lufthansa Summer 2011 Long-Haul Fleet. This is Lufthansa Summer 2011 flight plans (based on June 11) long-haul fleet from Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf A380, B-747-400, A340-600, A340-300 and A330-300 included the new A380 Services to San Francisco and Miami and a lot of new B-747 Destinations Teheran, Riad.
By Daniel Haeberle.

Singapore Flightplans:
FS2004/FSX Singapore Airlines AI Flight Plans
Size: 28,725
Date: 08-19-2011 Downloads: 406
Description: FS2004/FSX Singapore Airlines AI Flight Plans for summer 2011.
By Sam Cooper / Alpha-India Group.

Flightplans that I compiled:
- Air France
- Korean Air
- China Southern
- Qantas

Morne Visser

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