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 Downloads New: FS2004 Aircraft B-26K (A-26A) Counter-Invader

FS2004 Military Aircraft
B-26K (A-26A) Counter-Invader In the early 1960's, meeting the need for a "counter-insurgency" aircraft, the USAF chosen On Mark Engineering Company of Van Nuys, California proposed the following major modifications to the already existing B-26 airframe: a complete remanufacture of the fuselage and tail assembly, an enlarged rudder, rebuilt and strengthened wings, re-engining with 2,500 hp P&W R-2800-52W engines, larger, fully reversible propellers with automatic feathering and clipped tips, full dual flight controls, two 165 gallon wing tip tanks, a full compliment of airborne electronics and more. This new aircraft was first delivered to the USAF in June of 1964 under the designation B-26K. Later aircraft had their cowlings revised with the air scoop being relocated further back on the cowl. By April of 1965, all forty B-26K Counter-Invaders had been delivered to the USAF. For all effects, gauges, and the excellent A-26 sound package by David Copley, the original SOH A-26 Invader is required to be installed before installation of this aircraft. Included in this package: model by Milton Shupe with K model modifications by John Terrell, textures by Russel Smith, Henry William, and John Terrell, 2D panel and gauges by Rich Murray, flight dynamics by Jerry Beckwith and Tom Falley modified by John Terrell, pilot figures by Jan Visser. A special thanks goes out to Milton Shupe who generously provided me the original source model to work with as well as a great amount of help whenever I ran into a tough spot. Also I'd like to thank Cliff Presley for all of his excellent resources he has provided to this project.I Take care, and happy flying! -John Terrell

The A-26B/C Invader for MSFS2004 (Generally Compatible with FSX)
by Members of SimOuthouse
See for Current Details, FAQ's, Known Problems, Repaint Information, and more.

My thanks go out to the many SimOuthouse members who were involved in and who influenced this package. I wish to thank thudpilot and GZR_Sactargets for their dedication in obtaining resources for the project. Special thanks also goes out to Invader26 who recorded and shared his A-26 sound files. I also wish to acknowledge the many hours invested by, at last count, 71 SOH members who contributed in one way or another, who cheered from the sidelines, and inspired and rallied the team forward. I also want to thank the SimOuthouse management team and moderators (Douglas, Ickie, Henry, Willy, Panther, and others) for accommodating the project with a forum, for allowing "flexibility" in posts and storage, and providing the support necessary to see the project through.

Last but not least, I thank the primary team members, Rich Murray (Real Old Salt), John Terrell (Bomber_12th), Jerry Beckwith (Sparks), David Copley (dcc), Willy, Doug Dawson, and Jan Visser for taking time away from their projects to work on the A-26B. You guys have been great to work with and you delivered an awesome product. I wish to recognize Fliger747 for the many testing hours he invested with the flight model and for doing the checklist. His RW experience has been invaluable.

Copyrights and credits:

This FS2004 flight simulation aircraft is modeled by Milton Shupe, panel and gauges crafted by Rich Murray (Real Old Salt), textures by John Terrell (Bomber_12th), Sounds mixed by David Copley (DCC), flight model by Jerry Beckwith (Sparks), and beta testing by Willy's team, feedback, and input by SOH seasoned flightsimmers and real world pilots. There may be other copyright files by other authors denoted in their respective readme's.

Modeler : Milton Shupe
Flight Model : Jerry "Sparks" Beckwith
Panel and Gauges : Copyright by Real Old Salt (see his readme and files for other credits)
Technical Data : Provided by SOH members
Tested : Team Members, Willy and the SOH Beta Team of SimOuthouse members
UVW Mapping : Milton Shupe
Major Textures : Exterior and Interior VC textures Copyright by John Terrell (Bomber_12th)
Paint Kit : Copyright by John Terrell (Bomber_12th)
Sounds : Soundset mixed by David Copley (Raw source sounds provided by Nicolai Musante (Invader26) and others)
Pilots and Textures : Copyright Jan Visser

Special Effects : Copyrights by Microsoft, wing night light effects(Newll) by Kaveh Payandeh, optional Engine slow start for the R-2800 by Doug Dawson, daylight gauge by Rich Murray, engine startup smoke and fire by Milton Shupe

Checklist and Ref's : Tom Falley (Fliger747)
Website Content : Milton Shupe
Miscellaneous : Data and Pictures of source aircraft: Provided by members of SimOuthouse

For contact and information visit the SimOuthouse FS2004 forum and webpage:

The A-26B/C Invader SOH Project
March 2007
The A-26B/C Invader for FS2004 (general compatibility with FSX)


1. Cut or Copy/Paste the _a26_soh folder to your FS9/Aircraft folder.

2. Copy Paste the CONTENTS of the Effects folder to your FS9/Effects folder.

3. Copy paste the energizer.wav from the Sound folder to your FS/Sound folder.

Other Notes:
1. Yoke is un/hidden using the spoiler or slash key
2. Flaps mandatory for takeoff, rotate at full weight at around 122 knots.
3. Change nose gear steering contact point.0 as instructed in aircraft.cfg if you have no pedals.
4. For the optional R-2800 engine start gauge to work correctly, ensure you have the latest FSUIPC installed, and remove // from gauge 31 in window00. See special notes below on activating and using the engine start gauge in the Documentation folder.
5. During the day, use the Cabin Lights to brighten up the VC (rightmost red switch cover). Otherwise, turn off when gauge lights are on.
6. For 2D panel gauges and for VC gauge backlighting to work correctly at dawn/dusk/night, ensure you turn on the Instrument Panel Lights. Then, use the Dimmer switch to vary brightness to your liking.
7. Bomb bay switch does not change position w/ Shift+E>2 keystroke. (Indicator light works fine.) Using keystroke first, then panel switch gets toggle sw. gauge out of sync. Just be aware.
8. The texture folder contain 4 sets of sunglasses colors for the JAVIS pilots: orange, green, black, and chrome. The active texture name is sunglass2_t.bmp. Just rename to replace.

Optional FS9 Engine Start Gauge Notes:
The included optional A26_engine_start.gau from D. Dawson has been
modified so the engines can be started using the overhead panel.
Speaking of which, that is a two step process. First engage the desired
engine, then click and hold the starter switch for that engine.

To activate the engine start gauge, remove the // from window00 gauge 31
and ensure you have the latest FSUIPC installed (3.74, as of April 2,
2007,) available here:
Version 3.7 is the earliest version which the starter gauge will work with.

The engine start gauge can be engaged in spot view either by pressing
to automatically start both engines in sequence, or by
following the standard keyboard commands to start the engines individually.
Regarding compatibility, the startup gauge will only work with FS9. It
will not work with FSX or with FS2002. See the full notes in the Doc folder.

Note that some testing was done in FSX but not the typical thorough testing we would like to see. If you experience problems, let us know of any solution you might find.

That's all!
Have fun! :-)

The A26B/C Invader SOH Project Team
March 2007

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