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iPhone 5 features

Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads for Flight Simulator X, FSX FS2004. Free Access to freeware addons for your Microsoft Flight Simulator...









 FlightSimulator2004: FS2004 BMI British Midland Airbus A330-300

FS2004 Aircraft
FS2004 BMI British Midland Airbus A330-300. A repaint for the Project Open Sky Airbus A330-300. Repainted in BMI British Midland Star Alliance special livery. Aircraft registered as G-WWBM. POSKY A330 model included. By Seb Rak

FS2004 BMI British Midland Airbus A330-300. A repaint for the Project Open Sky Airbus A330-300. Repainted in BMI British Midland Star Alliance special livery. Aircraft registered as G-WWBM. POSKY A330 model included. By Seb Rak

Admin Note: FS2004 BMI British Midland Airbus A330-300


FS2004 BMI British Midland Airbus A330-300

Flight Simulator X / FSX Aircraft
Version: FS2004
Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004
Filesize: 4.38 MB
Added on: Jun-19-2011



This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky

Model Designer : Shervin Ahooraei
Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C.Daniel
Master textures : C. Vincent Cho, Ben Hewitt
Virtual Cockpit textures : Gary Hayes
FDE Advisors : Nick Peterson, Simon Ng Hin Tat
Virtual Cockpit Gauges : Special thanks to Eric Marciano
Painted : Xudeva Irribarra

Features ( in depth ):

Fully animated control surfaces
Fully independent suspension
Dynamic flexing wings
Animated tilting bogies
Rolling main wheels
Animated thrust reversers
Fully reflective textures ( each part has different degree of reflection based on material )
Accurate flight dynamics ( accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types ... Tested by real pilots.)
Detailed textures
Interchanging 2D and 3D engine fans
Full night lighting
Visible landing lights from the cockpit
Reflective cockpit windows
Crash affects
Transparent Nav light lenses

Improvements for Version 2:

Virtual Cockpit
Dynamic Shine
Improved wing flex
Opening Passenger and Cargo Doors ( fully independent )
Shift+E = left door Shift+T = right door, Shift+E+2 = Cargo doors
Park Mode ( Shift+F, Ailerons and elevators droop to simulate airplane in parked position )
More detail to landing gear and flaps
More textures to add realism ( landing gear, leading edge flaps , fan blades )
Improved nose shape and belly
Animated vent scoops under belly ( Shift+W)
New lighting and condensation effects.

For contact and information visit our webpage:-

Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FS2002 AIRCRAFT FOLDER.

********** COPYRIGHT AND DISTRIBUTION **********

This aircraft is released as FREEWARE.

Copyright (C) Project OpenSky . All rights reserved.


-For painters please see our webpage for our repaint policy.
-For any other changes you must ask permission from the Author.
-No charge may be made for this package.
-This Aircraft may not be bundled with any other package ( freeware or payware ).
-The use of this aircraft is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible.

Project Open Sky


This download is for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator and is copywrited by Project Open Sky, herein refereced as POSKY.

Downloading, installing, and/or using the contents of this package you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).


1) This package has been uploaded to certain websites and is available to the public free of charge. No official POSKY package

may be uploaded to any other website other than and without prior written permission from POSKY.

It may not be uploaded to any website where users must pay to access (including membership fees). Support for our products

downloaded from unauthorized websites will not be given.

2) The contents of this package may not be sold in any way, including section 1 of this EULA. The contents may not be used for

commercial purposes without the written permission from POSKY. The contents may also not be packaged with any other 3rd party

package for download, regardless if freeware or payware. This file may also not be copied to a CD, DVD, or any other type of

media for charge.

3) The Model and Flight Dynamics must not be altered, modified, or changed in anyway, other than offical updates issued by

POSKY. Using unauthorized edits will not be entitled to support on POSKYs support forums.

4) The contents of this package have been inspected and tested and work correctly on the author(s) computers; however no

guarantee that it will work on other computers. This file is to be used at your own risk. POSKY will not and does not accept

any responsibility for any damages done to your computer. The installation of this file is relativly simple, however knowledge

of installing aircraft is needed.

5) Unauthorized repaints are not permitted. Several FS hosting websites will remove unauthorized repaints at the request of

a- Authorized Repaints: Repaints for Virtual Airlines, real world airlines, and other repaints are authorized as long as

the artist uses the textures from an offical POSKY paint kit or creates his/her own textures from scratch. When ready to

distribute the paint, the author has several choices on the method of uploading, either textures only, or the entire model.

Regardless of what they upload, they must include the official POSKY readme file (included in paint kit) and the official POSKY

EULA (may not be current). Both files are in .txt format and can be available on our forums


B- Anauthorized Repaints: Textures that use official textures (ones not from the paint kit) regardless if edited or not,

are not permitted without prior authorization from the author of the official textures. Any file that is in violation of this

rule will be submitted for removal from the hosting website. POSKY and POSKY fans are continuously on lookout for files that

violate this rule.

6) All logos used on textures are property of their respectful owner and used in artistic rendition and illustrative purposes

only. Textures, Models, and Flight Dynamics are owned by their author(s).

Under NO circumstance is this file to be uploaded to FSPlanet. No support will be given to files downloaded from that site.

POSKY has a strict policy of being freeware, and no matter where you download our files from (included unofficial files) they

must ALWAYS be free of charge. Websites such as FSPlanet that charge to download files also host official POSKY files, and the

administrators of FSPlanet do not cooperate with POSKY or any other FS developer. If you were charged for this package we

apologize, you can get it for free on POSKYs website, AVSIM, and/or

All Rights Reserved. The readme and this EULA may be changed without notice.

January 1, 2009

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