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 FS2004 Textures: AIR MOOREA livery for FS2004 DHC-6 Twin Otter

FS2004 Textures
AIR MOOREA livery for FS2004 DHC-6 Twin Otter: This is my repaint of the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter in the Air Moorea livery. This Twin Otter registered F-ODBN and named « AFAREAITU » is repainted in the new colors of Air Moorea with the Tahia Collins livery and features accurate logos and markings.The textures are DXT1 and DXT3 bitmap, fully reflective with no MipMaps. I hope you’ll enjoy flying this livery !! Thierry PUJOL

AIR MOOREA livery for FS2004 DHC-6 Twin Otter



Flight Simulator FS2004 Aircrafts / FS2004 Downloads Civil Aircraft
Compatibility: Flight Simulator 2004
Filesize: 1.59 MB
Added on: Feb-13-2009


for FS2004 DHC-6 Twin Otter

repainted by Thierry PUJOL

Thanks for downloading this file.

This is my repaint of the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter in the Air Moorea livery.

This Twin Otter registered F-ODBN and named « AFAREAITU » is repainted in the new colors of Air Moorea with the Tahia Collins livery and features accurate logos and markings.

The textures are DXT1 and DXT3 bitmap, fully reflective with no MipMaps.

I hope you’ll enjoy flying this livery !!

IMPORTANT (see Requirements)
1. To reduce file size and preserve bandwidth, this archive contains only the repainted
textures specific to this airline : You’ll need to copy the remaining textures (unchanged)
from the Air Seychelles livery or from the white repaint (see Installation notes).

2. This archive contains only the textures : You need the original aircraft model
for FS2004 made by Eric Dantès and Mauricio Illanes.


This archive contains the following files :

- Readme.txt (the present file),
- Lisezmoi.txt (same file in french language),
- a texture folder ‘repainted textures’ containing the repainted bitmaps.


1. Unchanged textures

Download the Air Seychelles livery (filename ‘’ - 7639 kb), available at

The twenty-two bitmap filenames needed are : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, cabine, cabine_pil, casquette, cloison_1, cloison_2, fus_av, interrieur_cab, interrieur_cab2, planché, planché_pil, prop, roues, siege_cab1, sieges_av, sky, tableau, train_av_fus.

No need to use texture file with a suffix _LM.bmp.

2. Original aircraft model

This repaint is for the Twin Otter model made by Eric Dantès and Mauricio Illanes. If you don’t have it yet, you need to download and install the original aircraft model for FS2004. You have two choices :

1. Download the FREEWARE model from the AVSIM Library available at :

Original aircraft filename is ‘’ (dated 31st August 2003 - 7279 kb),
otherwise download file ‘’ (dated 5th March 2004 - 7086 kb),
or download .exe file ‘’ (dated 26th September 2004 - 7528 kb).

If you have the FS2002 aircraft model installed, download the file ‘’ (dated 5th March 2004 - 4062 kb) : These are the new mdl files to adapt FS2002 original aircraft and repaints to FS2004.

2. Download the E-D-Aviation PAYWARE model at Product name is 'Aircraft Collection FS2004'.

- This repaint should work with the FS2002 aircraft model.

- No idea if this repaint work with the payware FSX Twin Otter model available at and which was probably done by the author of the FS2004 aircraft model.


1. Download and install the Air Seychelles livery into the dhc6 folder of your FS9 aircraft directory.

2. Make a copy of the ‘texture.seychelles’ folder and rename it exactly ‘texture.moorea2’.

3. Extract this zip file into a temporary folder of your choice.

4. Copy the entire contents of the ‘repainted textures’ folder into the ‘texture.moorea2’ folder. Overwrite files when asked to.

5. Open with Notepad your aircraft.cfg file then copy and paste the following lines directly under the last [fltsim] section (replace the X with the next available number) :

title=Twin Otter DHC-6, Air Moorea Tahia Collins livery (E.D.Aviation)
atc_airline=Air Moorea
ui_manufacturer=De Havilland (E.D.Aviation)
ui_type=DHC-6 , Twin Otter.
ui_variation=Air Moorea (Tahia Collins livery 2006)
description=This De Havilland DHC-6 registered F-ODBN is one of the three Twin Otters of the Air Moorea fleet. It is rented to Air Tahiti and this livery was applied at the end of the year 2006. Repainted by Thierry PUJOL December 2007.

6. Since your aircraft model may be different (freeware or payware), check that records on above lines ‘sim=…’ and ‘model=…’ are corresponding to your own .air file and model folder (do not mistake dhc6 and dhc-6). Correct if necessary.

7. Save the changes to the aircraft.cfg file by the pulldown File/Save menu.

8. That’s it !! Start FS, the new entry will appear as Air Moorea (Tahia Collins livery 2006) in your aircraft directory.

Original authors

Panel and model : Eric Dantès
Textures : Mauricio Illanes

Many thanks to them for designing this very nice and excellent aircraft which texture files are large enough to apply very detailed repaint on its fuselage. This repaint was done with the texture files of the white repaint made by the authors.

------- Air Moorea website for their great aircraft picture databases

Software & Freeware used

Photoshop Elements 3.0 Gauges bitmaps and textures drawing. ©Adobe System Inc.
ImageTool Textures conversion. ©Microsoft Corporation
FS Repaint 3D window aircraft repainting tool. ©Abacus Software Inc.
DXTBmp DXT and 16/32 bit textures conversion by Martin Wright (

Copyright, Distribution and Conditions of use

This aircraft repaint for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is released as FREEWARE for your personal use.

As a FREEWARE, the following restrictions apply :

1. It can NOT be sold and no fee or charge may be made by any third party for use or distribution of this repaint under any conditions.

2. The content of this repaint cannot be modified and/or redistributed in any other archive or uploaded to another website without my express permission.

3. This aircraft repaint is provided « as-is » without any express or implied warranty. You use these files at your own risk. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this repaint.


Thank you !!


Comments or thanks welcome at the email address below :

(Please, write "DHC-6 repaint" in the subject of your email and indicate your country and city, that’ll be my reward to know which part of the word this repaint is used).

Thierry PUJOL
France, December 2008

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