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 Downloads New: FS2002/FS2004 SAAB JAS39A Gripen

Freeware Downloads
 FS2002/FS2004 SAAB JAS39A Gripen.This airplane is used by Swedish Air Force.Type A is a single-seat airframe. JAS39 is an airplane for the combat, the attack, and the scout developed as a succession of Viggen. Compared with Viggen, expenditure is pressed to 2/3 or less and weight is pressed to 1/2 or less and more kinds of arms are cut equipped with in large quantities and it has the ability that it is launched or can be dropped by higher accuracy. Four kunds of models(Clean / with wing edge missile / with pylon / with full weapons) are Kazunori Ito




Category: Flight Simulator 2004 Textures / Repaint - Misc.
Compatibility: FS2004/2002
Filesize: 3.38 MB
Added on: Dec-10-2006 FS2004/2002 3.38 MB Dec-10-2006


SAAB JAS39A Gripen

by Kazunori Ito
1.Description of this aircraft
3.About the installation
4.About the operations
5.About free software
6.About the directions point in FS2004

1. [ Description of this aircraft ]

This airplane is used by Swedish Air Force.
Type A is a single-seat airframe.
JAS39 is an airplane for the combat, the attack, and the scout developed as a succession of Viggen.
Compared with Viggen, expenditure is pressed to 2/3 or less and weight is pressed to 1/2 or less and more kinds of arms are cut equipped with in large quantities and it has the ability that it is launched or can be dropped by higher accuracy.

2. [ Specification ]

Length: 14.1 m
Span: 8.4 m
Height: 4.5 m

Empty weight: 5700 kg
Normal take off weight: 8500 kg in fighter configuration
Max take off weight: 14000 kg
Payload: 5300 kg

Engine: Volvo Aero RM12
Max thrust: approx 54 kN, 80.5 kN with reheat

Range: 3000 km ferry range
Max speed: M 1.15 (1400 km/h) at sea level, close to Mach 2 at altitude
Climb rate: <100 s from brake release to 10 km altitude
180 s approx to 14 km

Ground turn around: <10 min with a crew of six
at least new fan, afterburner flame holder and accessories, partly
to make it more suitable to a single engine aircraft)
Airflow 68 kg/s, compression ratio 27.5:1, mass 1055 kg,
overall length 4.04 m, diameter 0.884 m, inlet diameter 0.709 m

Fuel, internal: 3000 litres approx (my estimate based on other,
External: 3800 litres official, numbers)

Radar: Ericsson PS-05/A pulse doppler radar
(can count anchored ships and follow road traffic at at least 90 km
and detect typical fighter sized targets at 120 km).
Total mass 156 kg, antenna assembly 25 kg, antenna diameter 0.600 m,
Max power consumption 8.2 kW (114/200V 400Hz AC) and 250 kW 28V.
Predicted MTBF: 170 hours (air operation)
Cooling air: 85g/s at 0oC, Cooling liquid: 3.5kW to be absored.
Electrical interface: MIL-STD-1553B data bus and fibre optic video
output to the display system.
Air to air scanning at 60 (at first 50) deg/s in either 2 120 deg bars,
2 60 deg bars or 4 30 deg bars. Surface mapping and search across 5 x 5 km
to 40 x 40 km with GMTI speed adjustable by the pilot.
Four basic air to air modes: Track While Search, Priority Target Tracking
gives higher quality tracking for multiple targets, Single Target Track
gives highest quality data, Air Combat Mode for short range search and
automatic target capture.
Targeting pod: Litening, with FLIR and laser designation.

3. [ About the installation ]

The airframe must copy the JAS39A Gripen folder as it is in the Aircraft folder of FS2002 or FS2004.

---------JAS39A Gripen

Please copy all files in the gauges folder onto the gauge in the Gauges folder of FS2002 or FS2004.
A general gauge is saved for the gauge bundled this time.
The Gauges of KingAir and GPS are not bundled.
Please set up it by yourself.

4. [ About the operations ]

Shift+"E" = Canopy Open/Shut
Throttle(F1 - F4 Key) = After burner Open/Shut

!! A special key operation !!

Concorde Nose Key = Refuel Probe Out/In

This key is an arbitrary key that you are setting as key for Concorde Nose operation.

* for special key operation, *
* It is likely not to operate according to a set method of *
* your FS or the state of other Add-on tool. *

5. [ About free software ]

All aircraft that I made are free software.
The reprint and the repaint may go freely.
However, please defend the following conditions.

1.The change in contents of this file is prohibited.
(Please distribute it like the Zip file of the current state when distributing it. )
2.Please neither reverse-assembly nor never remodel(convert) it of the aircraft model.
3.Please don't bundle my airframe(MDL file) in the package of your works when you open the repaint to the public.
(Please open only the texture to the public. )
4.Don't use DXT format for making texture.
Please make it by the format that everyone can change.
It is necessary to be able to read and change with usual drawing software.
5.It is prohibited to bundle and to open a new panel to the public to my aircraft model.
(Please open only the panel to the public.
It is included in this file, and remodeling the panel that uses the panel background and the change in the panel background are prohibited. )
6.I maintain the copyright of the aircraft model and the panel background.
7.The copyright of the gauge belongs to the author.

6. [ About the directions point in FS2004 ]

This aircraft model is made by using FSDS Ver2.24.
Therefore, it is possible to play basically in FS2004(FS9).
For a wide large-scale aircraft, the distortion is caused and the phenomenon of the aerofoil tip's disappearing happens in the spot shooting mode.
If this phenomenon happens, Please switch to the spot shooting mode by using other small aircraft.
Afterwards, if this aircraft is selected, it is normally displayed.

Please give mail to the following mail address when there is a recommendation of making the opinion and the thing that doesn't come.

Fukuoka, Japan

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